Season 1, Episode 3: Interview with Beatrice D’Ambra aka Nana

Beatrice Middlebrook (maiden name) left for basic training with the Women’s Army Corps in 1945. She was never sent overseas because World War II ended. She met her husband, also a veteran, at a dancehall after she had been insulted by another man and had left the dance floor.
Stacy interviews her 92 year old grandmother (known as Nana to all of her grandchildren (14) and great-grandchildren (we lost count).  Nana left high school after the 10th grade in order to help support her family.  She returned to earn her GED (general equivalency diploma) at the age of 55.  Through her storytelling style, Nana encourages everyone to finish their high school diploma requirements sooner than she did.

Stacy Bender directs the online program at Crosslake Community School, the school which hosts this podcast. She enjoyed putting together this episode a lot and learned about the need for a better microphone for future episodes.  Watch for better sound starting in January 2018!